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First and foremost, GOBE is an award-winning creative event production team where what we do starts with what you want. While we service the basic AV needs of our clients, we set ourselves apart with our unique concepts, creative solutions, and the utilization of technology to improve your attendee experience. Our desire is to understand the big picture, designing a solution around your goals and needs, not just supplying the equipment we have in our warehouse. At the end of the day, our goal is for you, your guests, and your other stakeholders to be blown away, and hopefully give you a chance to breath and enjoy your event like everyone else.

Our combined talents benefit clients of all sizes from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits with 50 guests. Working in venues large and small, with in-house vendors, and other production companies, we do whatever is necessary to deliver stunning results. We delight in challenges, push our limits (often at the cost of sleep), and always strive for perfection. We would love to know about your event next week that your boss just told you about, that needs the world delivered AND comes in under budget.

"Tolo Events values the time and effort the entire GOBE team puts into being a true partner, to working with us to generate creative and unique solutions for our clients during the planning process to ensuring everything runs smoothly onsite."

- Meredith
Tolo Events

The Team

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Tiffany Lopez

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Lupe Gonzales

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Champion of the sun
Master of karate
And friendship for everyone

"Rock Steady Boxing could not have been more pleased with the services of GOBE... we didn’t have anything to worry about because we knew we were working with professionals."

- Joyce
Rock Steady Boxing


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Tactical Support

We are experts in sizing up a space and determining what elements (AV and otherwise) are needed based on your event goals. We then deliver those to you in the form of a well laid out floor plan coupled with a detailed production plan.


Events are intended to evoke an emotional experience. We bring our creative edge to work with you on delivering this experience. Whether its mixing up the lighting look, building a custom stage set, or simply making sure the drape covers the poles, we take all the details into account to produce a high quality, unique guest experience.

Specialty Services

Some things you know you need, others you never knew you did. We can tailor our talents to serve you and take the work off your desk. If you need a photo-realistic render of an idea/space, or perhaps a custom motion graphics bumper for your presenters, we, just like Transformers, offer more than meets the eye.


Whether it's an auction, a concert, or a holiday party, we make sure our sound is clear and impactful, never overbearing.


Standard Projection and Full Blends, LED Walls, Projection Mapping, IMAG, Video Capture and Post Production, and Redundant Playback... are all terms for things many companies can do. It's how we do it that sets us apart.


Add that extra pizzazz with some accent lighting around the room - or go all out and turn your event into the greatest light show on earth. Any way we approach it, we never leave the fluorescent lights on!


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We have had the utmost pleasure in having the opportunity to work with some of the most prestigious fortune 500 companies in the region. We strive for perfection, whether providing simple audio/video presentation support or designing custom stage sets and atmospheres. We love the unique challenges that we face with each opportunity, its what keeps us coming back for more!

We are pumped to be rubbing elbows with some of the most creative and innovative clients in the PNW! Most recently, we have supported events for: